Trump Rallies GOPers Against Biden Energy Policies, But Sidesteps IRA

"Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump delivered a campaign-style energy address during a day of meetings with congressional Republicans on Thursday, hitting on trademark themes like “drill baby drill” and pledging to reverse Biden administration policies he said hamper fossil fuel development and favor electric vehicles."

Source: Politico, 06/17/2024

Court Upholds Ban On Helicopter Tours Above Mt. Rushmore, Badlands Parks

"A federal circuit court has upheld a recent prohibition on helicopter tours over Mount Rushmore National Memorial and Badlands National Park in South Dakota, rejecting motions from aircraft companies to repeal the ban."

Source: The Hill, 06/11/2024

"US Raises Truck, SUV Fuel Economy Rules, Much Less Than First Proposed"

"President Joe Biden's administration Friday finalized tighter vehicle fuel economy rules through 2031 that are significantly less stringent than first proposed, a win for the Detroit Three automakers who lobbied heavily for revised rules."

Source: Reuters, 06/10/2024

NYC Had A Bold Plan To Tax Drivers And Fund Transit. The Governor Killed It.

"What would have been America’s first congestion pricing experiment has been delayed by Gov. Kathy Hochul, leaving public transit in a financial hole."

Source: Washington Post, 06/06/2024

"Sanctioned Tankers Pose Rising Environmental Risk In Mediterranean"

"Unregulated tankers sidestepping Western sanctions are posing a bigger risk to the Mediterranean region and Greece is undertaking more protective measures to safeguard its coast, the country's shipping minister told Reuters on Tuesday."

Source: Reuters, 06/05/2024

"Schools In 47 States To Get EPA Funds For Clean Buses"

"EPA announced this week that it has awarded about $900 million to school districts across the country to buy clean school buses. The money will come in the form of rebates to participating school districts, and it will help pay for about 3,400 buses in 531 school systems in 47 states, plus the District of Columbia and several tribal regions and U.S. territories."

Source: E&E News, 05/30/2024

"Can Trump Really Slam the Brakes on Electric Vehicles?"

"Donald J. Trump is crystal clear about his disdain for electric vehicles. The former president has falsely claimed electric cars don’t work, promised to shred President Biden’s policies that encourage E.V. manufacturing and sales, and has said he would slap a “100 percent tariff” on electric cars imported from Mexico if he retakes the White House."

Source: NYTimes, 05/28/2024


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