DEADLINE: International Documentary Film Festival Flahertiana

Event Date: 
May 10, 2021

The International Documentary Film Festival Flahertiana, Sep 17-23, 2021 in Perm, Russia (or online depending on COVID-19 restrictions), invites entries from documentary filmmakers worldwide by May 10, 2021.

The festival is named for documentarian Robert Flaherty and submissions must reflect his style and his film "Nanook of the North." If your film is not in English, English subtitles must be included. Open to new films directed in 2020 or 2021.


  • Grand Prix for "The Best Documentary" — "Big Golden Nanook" and 250000 rubles (approximately $3,392USD).* (to film director)
  • Award for "Discovery of New Subjects and New Heroes" — "Silver Nanook" and 75000 rub (approximately $1,018USD).* (to film director)
  • Award for "Original Artistic Solution" — "Silver Nanook" and 75000 rub (approximately $1,018USD).* (to film director)
  • Best Student Film and 50000 rub (approximately $678USD). (to film director)

* Prize money is paid in rubles, dollars or euros (as winners decide).

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