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From Reporter to Author — How I Published My First Book

When freelancer Sophie Yeo first thought of writing a book, it seemed an impossible task. But with a successful website under her belt, she plunged in. Two missed deadlines and one baby later, she had her book, a history of the natural world titled “Nature’s Ghosts: The World We Lost and How To Bring It Back.” How she got there, and lessons learned, in the new Freelance Files.

"Mexico Elects Climate Scientist As First Female President"

"Claudia Sheinbaum has been elected Mexico’s first ever female president in a historic result. Dr Sheinbaum, 61, a climate scientist and former mayor of Mexico City, is a member of the leftist Morena party and the handpicked successor to populist Andres Manuel López Obrador."

Source: Telegraph, 06/03/2024

AP Analysis Finds 2023 Set Record For US Heat Deaths

"David Hom suffered from diabetes and felt nauseated before he went out to hang his laundry in 108-degree weather, another day in Arizona’s record-smashing, unrelenting July heat wave. His family found the 73-year-old lying on the ground, his lower body burned. Hom died at the hospital, his core body temperature at 107 degrees."

Source: AP, 06/03/2024